Turtles and Dragons

Turtles and Dragons

I’m not sure how it started. Sometimes that is true for me.

I stand in one place, and the next thing I know, I am in another place, and I ask, “How did I get here?” My friends tell me, “You were not paying attention….”

Attention is not one of my better qualities.

I lose it now and then.

It’s like clouds floating lazily in the sky on a brisk Spring day. I look up, and see a white fluffy turtle. I look to the sky again – moments later – and the turtle is gone.

Now, the clouds are no longer fluffy and white. They have become dark and grey and rigid; and the turtle is gone. Now, I see a dragon.

And, I ask myself, “How did things change so quickly? White became grey.

Once a turtle, now a dragon.” I missed the transformation.

I was not paying attention….

Before me…  above me…. To my sides….

The world moves, transforms, changes…..

Always. Ceaselessly.

What I desire and what I actually do are not always in synch.

I DO live in the times of a white fluffy turtle, or a dark grey dragon.

I desire to live in the times between the two.

It is a time of creation, and transformation, of the unexpected, the not knowing, chaos…

It is there, I am called,

that I belong…..

And, there, in the transformation,

I stand terrified,

And, completely exhilarated.


I Believe You

Deep in my soul,

In a place where I pull

The lovely things from my life.



I don’t pretend…..

Yes, there I find some strife;

And memories that slash

Like a dull, hurtful knife.

Existing there, enmeshed , forever

With those which make my heart soar.


But, they are those memories that make me the one that I am today.


I may lose sight of that….

That these memories

Which dance across eons of sunsets




In my quest to learn to love,

And, to accept, with an open soul,

The love of another,




I do trust my soul!

Which has been my muse

Through lifetimes of love.


Yet, How often I have thought,

On hearing the love of another for me,

“Yes, but what if?”

“Yes, until…”

“Yes, except for…”


Tonight, I gaze upwards into a cold, Autumn night….

The crescent of a golden moon, and the passing of a silver cloud.

….Into the past

And into an infinite future.


And, I realize, that at this very precise moment,

That I have a chance – the chance

To believe you.

That you do love me.


I accept that love.


I embrace it,

I Bring it within.

I Cherish its warmth,

Its beauty,

-Its comfort.

Its sincerity.


And nevermore,

will I question

It’s truthfulness.